Our compliance policies in a nutshell About PHC

Our compliance policies in a nutshell

Fair Operating Practices

We are committed to conducting business with integrity and fairness and strive for a positive working environment based on mutual trust and respect. We value diversity and seek to promote a frank exchange of views and ideas to ensure that the most challenging (controversial) issues remain open to discussion. We work to uphold compliance standards related to fair competition, anti-corruption, information security and trade controls and encourage our colleagues’ active involvement in the process of their implementation.

Contribution to society

We believe that respect for human rights is the bedrock of a truly just society and actively seek to contribute to improving quality of life of the most vulnerable among us, e.g. by supporting activities of the Dutch Cancer Society and Belaya Rosa foundation which works with disadvantaged children abroad.

Responsible Supply Chain

We are committed to upholding international agreements and guidelines, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact and encourage our suppliers to take responsible and firm stance against abuse of labour rights including use of forced or child labour.

We also strive to increase awareness of the problems related to modern-day slavery among our employees.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement